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"The grandparents are a treasure" 

 "We live in a time when the old people have no meaning, it is not good to say that, but they are discarded, because they are disturbing, the elderly are the ones who bring us the story which gives us the faith And give us everything, they are like a good old wine, they have the strength to give us a noble heritage. " Subsequently, the pope told a story told to him when he was still a child in which a grandfather from his adult son gets a small table next to that of the family because he is soiled with food. When he comes home one day, one of his four children plays with a piece of wood, and asks him what this is, it is the table for the father when he has grown old. "This story has done me good throughout my life. The grandparents are a treasure. ... "

                                             Pope Francis     

"The cross is the price of true love. Lord, give us the power to accept and bear our cross!"

The Church is missionary. Christ sends us to carry the joy of the gospel into the whole world


We come out of the darkness of the winternight and gather in the church early in the morning. There, the candlelight, symbol of the closeness and love of God, welcomes us. In Advent songs and prayers, we ask what had asked the faithful people of God a thousand years ago: "Tauet (Latin rorate) Heaven to the righteous." May God enter into our lives and lead us to justice and peace. After the Mass, the children and adults in all places to Rorate-Zmorge in parish hall (Mb: the Protestant KGS.) Invited. Many thanks to the volunteers. Roratefeiern with Rorate-Zmorge are in: - Lichtensteig: Tuesday, 3 and 10 and 17.Dez, respectively 6:30 - Mogelsberg: Wednesday, 4. Dec, 6:30 - Oberhelfenschwil: Friday, 6th and 13th Dec, 6:30 h - St. Peterzell: Thursday, 5th and 12th Dec, 6:30

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"With the aging 
it like is 
The higher you climb, 
the more dwindling 
but the farther 
. Sees"

Ingmar Bergman (191




The village is Oberhelfenschwil - in sunny position - on the saddle between Thur and Neckertal. To the parish are the Wigetshof, to the west, and the villages to the east, Necker and Brunnadern. The parish counts about 820 Catholics. Evangelical partner municipalities are Oberhelfenschwil and Brunnadern . The parish church, mentioned for the first time in 1336, has been used on a parity basis since the Reformation, ie by the faithful of both confessions. Recently renovated in 2007.